Jesse Rowe

Trying to do that one thing...
Columbus, OH

• digital & product marketing
• product management + design
• startups & tech

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Jesse Rowe

current fun:

QuickSixty - 60 seconds of digital marketing insight.

60 seconds of digital marketing insights delivered directly to your inbox, every day.

Get your own custom website created for you with just 6 questions and no code.


Quit Quitting Chrome
Never accidentally quit out of Chrome again. Get a last chance message before quitting Google Chrome.

Quit Quitting Chrome

past fun:

Walnuts - Invest spare change into cryptocurrency.

automatically invest spare change into cryptocurrency

Ahoy.Ai - Autonomous meeting scheduler

an autonomous meeting scheduler that uses NLP and AI to find the perfect time to meet

/meet by Ahoy.Ai
Schedule meetings in Slack with one message.

/meet by Ahoy.Ai

Bringing relevant tweets to users based on interactions and engagement.


Task management & group collaboration visually illustrated.

Chek - Tasks on a Timeline


Ahoy.Ai is a robot that can plan your schedule in Slack - TechCrunch

Ahoy.Ai Takes the Hassle Out of the “Let’s Meet” Email - Metropreneur

Tech Talk: Ahoy.AI - Columbus CEO